Wednesday, August 13, 2008

"Man's bestfriend"

Owning a pet is so much fun, so it is just but right that we take care of them. As owners, it is our responsibility to take the best of care that we can. A dog is more faithful than most other animals,and more faithful than many people.

The only pets we have in our home is a dog.Almost my family members are love this kind of pet.since we have dog in our home, seems like we have a security guard coz its the one will barking if there is someone or person's will come in our house.

The name of that dog is "GARD" we called it gard coz my father is Security Guard he get that where he worked before. we had many passed pets but they are now gone, and the one survived is the one who i talked to, that is GARD.

And those puppy dogs, i do not know yet the named. we still think of what we call them.this is pet was only considered as man's best friend.coz of their loyalty, unconditional love, companionships and laughs.

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" i L0ve mYsELf"

bcoz in mysELf i nvR tRied 2 iMprEss
sUm1 4 dem 2 lyk mE?
coz weN i do i wiL hAv 2 kip dAt imAge 4 dA rEst
of mY liFe!
aNd its hArd 2 pRetNd 2 b sUmb0Dy eLsE..

i MAy Nt b dAt cL0se 2 pErfCt eN lYk 0der pip0L Do.
bUt hU cAres 8s n0t dEm hU i livd 4 aNywAy.

wAt mattR s dAt i kNw mYsLf & i kNw h0w i Luk
lyK iNsyd 0ut & i'M w0rTh iT..
dS s mE . . .aS wAt deY sAy

f U cAnt hAndLE mY w0rSt dEn u D0N't dServd
my bSt.

lUv mE or hAte mE i'M juSt bEinG mE!!!...:)

++" Im Just A girl What More Do You want? "++

BeAuTy iS f0uNd n dA hEArt!
n0t in dA eYEs oF s0mE jEAL0us biTCh.
S0 wEn U sAy i"m uGLy...

I'LL LAugh mY cUtE lAugh :)
sMyL & sAy tHEsE simPLe w0rdz

d0n'T hAtE mE cUz y0u Ain't Me!