Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Monday, November 3, 2008

+++"Road to Our Lady of Guadalupe"+++

On the way going to the "Our lady of Guadalupe " it seems where the place you going to sacrificed from all your sins and how strong you are to come over the challenges and trials that came to your life. Those people where they'd go here just tried themselves if they can sacrificed.
Was the time our end of semester and my classmates talking about this place and also bonding each other coz some of my classmates were transferred other school so it was our last bonding or moment that we had.

We had came a crossed the 9 rivers and its has big rocks and so grassy too. And we prayed each station of the cross it is about 13 cross. And finally we arrived there for the last station and that was 13 station of the cross. its feels like that you overcame your problems, trials that you have. It such a nice feeling and such a nice moment i had out there. Very pleasure to me that i have been there although my first time.

"+++!Our p.E dANz AcTIvity!+++"

Our dance activity in P.E was our final presentation of our first semester.
i had thought that we could not exempted for the final examination if we can't won among the 3rd winners. As we did our best and effort for our props or apparatus and seriously do our practice timed just for thy sake to win. so we are all glad and feels so great even we are only 3rd winner on this activity contest of all the 13 groups. At least we are exempted in final examination and its not necessary for us to take an exam for final as we automatically graded 100 for our final grade hehe! although we looks like a clown because of our make-up! lolz!

"+++How do you choose your User name?+++"

How do you choose your User name?

i have choose fharz as my user name here coz my friends usually called me on that name. and that is meaningful. Just my friend invented on that, and it seems good to hear for me, so i decided to used it forever as my nick name,user name, code name and so on.actually that is also my code name on text or sign text.Due to the fact i got that name from my family name "APARRI". sounds good for me. By the way since i was in high school that is the name when i get called from my friends, classmates even boyfriends. and its pretty nice for me.maybe i will bring that name in my life till i die.wow! what a move! lolz!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

“+++My Wishes, hopes and dreams+++”

This is my very great opportunity to list down all my dreams and wishes that I wanted and it is totally free.
All We can do is only dreaming until it will come true but we shouldn't let ourselves think negative things. Coz when we do much more it will not come out of what we wanted in our life. And that so definitely true. Instead we keep believing and have faith and be positive thinker.
I am the person who knows what she wants out of life and strives to reach my goals. I am someone who enjoys each and every moment of life. I am one of the dreamers that keep believing herself for thy sake to pursue her dreams.
As if there is a genie , and she used to asked me if what I want in my life. I prefer to say this:
First, My sincere desire is to land different country’s together with my beloved family. As if we lived at the United States or some places that very nice and have a beautiful nature and it must along the beach. And we lived there happily and peaceful. Why I loved to get along in the beach near in our home coz beach sounds like where you can relax your mind and so cool fresh air.

And I love to swim too but many times I sunk coz I do not know really on how to swim. I think I must have to study on how to swim betterJ.
And inside our home there is a huge pool and gym. And each of my family members have own car, rest house and house and lot. If I have this kind of stuff things then I would be contented for having such a wonderful things I had. And especially I am having much money I am surely can do everything I want. I am much willing to help those poor people. Give them house and much money. To tell honestly, I am not kind a person who so stingy if what I have then why not share to others that would makes me feel fine to help some other people see them happy.
Each one of my family have bank account for saving those other money for in case of when time has come that we have our own family and time to settle down to whom our special someone in the future at least we can give the better future for our future child and give them the best life.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

"++Gingoog,Badiangon Beach++"

Badiangon beach where located at Gingoog, It is approximately 122 kilometers east of Cagayan de Oro City its a quite nice beach I've ever been.
it was my first time to go there and its really nice place.
i have been this place coz this is the time was the Family Week Celebration.
very nice views...and water was so cool and fresh and so cleaned.
love it! Wish to go there next time! hehe...

"++Family Week Celebration++"


On Sunday Dawn I and my parents and my sis in law and her baby went to the Badiangon Beach,Gingoog where the celebration of family week was held at the same time 25th anniversary of DSWD. We had riding motorcycle in our way going there.
There was a lots of fun at this program. This were the opportunity of the family have the time bonding to each other. I was absent 2 days on my school just to go there and company with my parents. and i loved this place coz it very fresh air and its along the beach. what a nice place i had ever been. ill gonna missed this place. and the beach were so quite nice and many trees and some green plants it was so nice to look at.
at night there was a disco all of the staffs in Dswd were dancing and the minors..
I and my brother and sis n law joined dancing too:) hehe!
sounds very fun and they are very much enjoyed with the musics and band.
we had slept there one night and in the afternoon we going back home.

" i L0ve mYsELf"

bcoz in mysELf i nvR tRied 2 iMprEss
sUm1 4 dem 2 lyk mE?
coz weN i do i wiL hAv 2 kip dAt imAge 4 dA rEst
of mY liFe!
aNd its hArd 2 pRetNd 2 b sUmb0Dy eLsE..

i MAy Nt b dAt cL0se 2 pErfCt eN lYk 0der pip0L Do.
bUt hU cAres 8s n0t dEm hU i livd 4 aNywAy.

wAt mattR s dAt i kNw mYsLf & i kNw h0w i Luk
lyK iNsyd 0ut & i'M w0rTh iT..
dS s mE . . .aS wAt deY sAy

f U cAnt hAndLE mY w0rSt dEn u D0N't dServd
my bSt.

lUv mE or hAte mE i'M juSt bEinG mE!!!...:)

++" Im Just A girl What More Do You want? "++

BeAuTy iS f0uNd n dA hEArt!
n0t in dA eYEs oF s0mE jEAL0us biTCh.
S0 wEn U sAy i"m uGLy...

I'LL LAugh mY cUtE lAugh :)
sMyL & sAy tHEsE simPLe w0rdz

d0n'T hAtE mE cUz y0u Ain't Me!