Friday, July 25, 2008

+++"- Aquintance Party_-"+++

This is the day was our Acquaintance Party was held at Acsat gym in Carmen.
Our party was started at night until 12 in the evening.
There is a Disco, and some fun
and dance contest in each department.
Whole ACSAT family was really there and all department of BS IT,BSECT,BS BA and others.

All students was really enjoyed and having fun eating their foods.
Have a lots of prices,give aways, and etc.
mostly students are good in dancing,as what i had watched in dance contest all are really participated and there is a cooperation to one another.
In our department one of my classmate was performed with guitar she is good play in guitar,
she was our performer in our department of BS IT, mostly are dancing.
But at least they showed their talents and maybe they will discover.
But me i do not have any talents, hehehe, just only!
Oh well! all of us has a talent but some was fear to show it and lack of confidence.
But anyway i am very enjoyed with this party, it was all participated.

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