Thursday, May 29, 2008

>>>_+++mAh bEL0vED bRo's+++_>>>

Hey You bRo's! :)..Even though we are not so close together,specially both of you are always quarreling. And sometimes we had an mis understanding & fighting 4 each other..well its normal. One thing i can say is sorry if i was not respect you sometimes. you know i am not a perfect i cud make a mistakes.No one has perfect. So just forgive & forget ok!.. But you are just my brother i have to respect you of course coz you are older than me and i am try to be good to both of you. JUST COOL MEN:)

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edna said...

Hello Miss Lady;

You know longer a baby you grow up now.And become a good person.Continue to explore your self and be your self,discover your uniqueness and always remember that you are not alone.

Go...And God bless...

" i L0ve mYsELf"

bcoz in mysELf i nvR tRied 2 iMprEss
sUm1 4 dem 2 lyk mE?
coz weN i do i wiL hAv 2 kip dAt imAge 4 dA rEst
of mY liFe!
aNd its hArd 2 pRetNd 2 b sUmb0Dy eLsE..

i MAy Nt b dAt cL0se 2 pErfCt eN lYk 0der pip0L Do.
bUt hU cAres 8s n0t dEm hU i livd 4 aNywAy.

wAt mattR s dAt i kNw mYsLf & i kNw h0w i Luk
lyK iNsyd 0ut & i'M w0rTh iT..
dS s mE . . .aS wAt deY sAy

f U cAnt hAndLE mY w0rSt dEn u D0N't dServd
my bSt.

lUv mE or hAte mE i'M juSt bEinG mE!!!...:)

++" Im Just A girl What More Do You want? "++

BeAuTy iS f0uNd n dA hEArt!
n0t in dA eYEs oF s0mE jEAL0us biTCh.
S0 wEn U sAy i"m uGLy...

I'LL LAugh mY cUtE lAugh :)
sMyL & sAy tHEsE simPLe w0rdz

d0n'T hAtE mE cUz y0u Ain't Me!